I’m starting a business… Now what? 


You know when you’re venturing into new territory… it’s exciting and a little bit scary!  You have an idea or a vision, but you don’t really know what you don’t know.

Over the last decade, I have talked with many new business owners and the same core questions and topics come up around accounting & taxes.  So, I’ve taken the same 10 minutes of key information I’ve been offering in free consultations and put it into this video.

Folks seeking this information used to have to wait 2-3 months for my schedule to have the availability to meet with them one on one to provide this information.  But no more!  I don’t want you to have to wait and I know you need the info now!

This is a big picture overview, and of course, there are lots of other details to getting started in a new business.  So, I also created a series of online courses to teach all of the core accounting & tax basics that you need to know as a new business owner.

I hope you find these resources useful, and good luck with your new business!


Check out our more comprehensive online courses here:  Thrive Education Services