Extension Request

[Updated February 21, 2022]


Business Filing Extensions

If you are a current Thrive business client (tax forms 1120s and 1065) and would like a tax filing extension, please send an email request to admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com by March 1st,  using “Extension” in the subject line.  We will file the extension on your behalf.


Personal Filing Extensions

For personal tax return extensions (and businesses filing on the 1040 form) there are two options.

First option: File it online yourself

The first option is to go to the IRS Direct Pay website and file it online by paying $1.  It’s easy, and most of our clients have chosen this option.  Just make sure you select EXTENSION as the reason for payment.

Then please send us a copy of your IRS confirmation page (or at least your confirmation number) for our records by March 31st.    Either emailing to admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com or uploading to your portal is fine.

Siobhan explains this simple process further below:


Second option:  Provide us with your data

The second option is to have us file it on your behalf.  In order to do that we need this form completed by March 31.  (Or email the information to us admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com) You must provide us with both your estimated 2021 tax liability, and the estimated 2021 tax you have already paid.   We cannot estimate these numbers for you.

Siobhan explains this option further below:



Siobhan explains more about the 1040 extensions below: