Thrive Portal FAQ



Where is Thrive’s secure portal located?

I don’t have a password.  How do I get one?

Click the Remind Password link on the left of the portal screen.  Then enter your email address (the one we have on file for you) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number in the screen that comes up to have it emailed to you.

Do my spouse and I have the same password?

Yes.   The password is for the account, not the person.  If you have both a personal account and a business account with us, your password will be different for each account.

Should I used my SSN or my EIN?

For your personal account use your SSN.  If you have a business account use the business’s EIN.

For my personal account should I use the last 4 digits of my SSN or my spouse’s?

Either should work.  If it doesn’t it means we have incomplete information for you in our database — such as not having an email address for each spouse.   Please contact us so we can update our database.

I am using my correct email address, SSN / EIN, and the password the system sent me, but still cannot log in.

It could be that we do not have your correct email address attached to your SSN in our system.  Please call or email our office for help.  (360) 746-8738 or

Can I change my password?

Yes!  Our system now allows users to change their password.   To do so, log in, then click “Change Password” on the left hand side.

I see documents.  How do I download them?

Double click on the file name to download them to your computer.

I am having trouble accessing my account

Call us at  (360) 746-8738.    We’re happy to help.