E-signing OfficeTools Documents FAQ


Instructions:  E-signing Documents

#1) You will get an email from no-reply@officetools.com with a link to create a pin

OT 1



#2) When you click on that link you will see this screen. (Your PIN can only be digits not letters.)

OT 2



#3) If it worked, you will see this screen:

OT 3



#4) Now you will get an email that you have a document to sign. You have to set up your pin BEFORE you are notified that there is something to sign.

OT 4



#5) When you click on the link to sign the document you will see this screen and will need to enter the pin you set up:

OT 5




#6) If it is an IRS compliant signature document (such as an Efile) then you will see this screen asking a few questions to confirm your identity for IRS compliance. The 3rd question can vary but will have to do with your address in some way.

OT 6




#7) Then you will need to accept the e-signature agreement

OT 7



#8) Then the document will open and there will be a yellow arrow showing you where you need to sign.

OT 8



#9) Then you will need to click the green button to finish signing the document

OT 9




#10) You will get this notice that you have successfully signed the document

OT 10



If you are the only one signing the document, then the Thrive staff member that initiated the e-sign will get an email that it was successful and will be able to access the signed document.

If someone else also needs to sign the same document, then this process starts over with the second signer. NOTE: The second person does not get notified in their email until the first person has successfully signed. The Thrive staff member does not get notified until both signers have successfully signed.




I was told I have something to sign but I don’t see anything in my email?

The first step is to create a PIN. Look for an email from no-reply@officetools.com with a link to create a PIN. This may have gone to your junk/spam folder so check there if you don’t see it in your inbox.

Another possibility, is that if two people need to sign the document, the first person needs to sign before the second person is notified. The first person may not have signed yet.


I see the signature document in my portal but I can’t sign it?

The e-sign process does not happen in the portal. It will be through your e-mail and does not require you to sign in to your portal account. We have uploaded a pdf of the signature page to your portal if you would like to print it out and sign a paper version instead of e-signing.


I am trying to create a PIN but it is giving me an error message that my name doesn’t match?

It must match what is in our database. You can contact us if there is any confusion on what first and last name we may have entered for you.  If you have an apostrophe in your name, it can cause an issue. Try without the apostrophe.


I forgot my PIN. How do I access the document?

Click on the “Forgot your pin?” link underneath where it asks you to enter your PIN. This will let you reset your PIN.


I have answered all of the identity questions correctly but it is giving me an error message?

It must match what is in our database to be successful. We may have something entered incorrectly. You can contact us and we will confirm that your answers match what is in our database.