5% Discount on Services when you sign up for Auto Payment

Thrive Business Group now offers a 5% discount on all services paid through our Auto Pay program. Here’s how it works.

You complete and sign an Auto Pay agreement that gives us permission to charge your payment method of choice automatically for our service fees.  You choose whether you want your automatic payment to come out of your checking account, or charge to a credit card or debit card.

Starting the month following receipt of your completed agreement, you will see a 5% discount applied to each invoice under the Auto Payment agreement.

At the beginning of each month, we will still email you an invoice for services with a note that you are set up for Auto Pay. After the 17th of the month, we will automatically charge your account on file.

For federal tax return preparation, we will automatically charge your account 10 days after we send you your completed tax return and invoice.

If you have both a personal and a business account with us, you can choose to put either or both accounts on autopay.  Use one form (and check both personal and business) if you want to use one payment method for both.  To use a different payment method for each, simply fill out two forms.

It’s easy to sign up, just fill out this secure online form.  Or, email invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com to request an autopay form to print out and return by mail.



What if I have a question about my invoice?

You will still receive your invoice by email at the beginning of each month. If you have a question, reply to the email with your questions. We have plenty of time to make sure you have all of your questions answered before the Auto Payment is processed after the 17th of the month.

What services do I get a discount on?

The 5% discount applies to all services included under your Auto Payment agreement, beginning the month after signing up.

For monthly services, when does Auto Payment start?

Auto Payment and discount starts the month after signing up.

If you would like to use your new Auto Pay method to pay an invoice you have already received,  simply send an email to invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com.   The discount however, will start with the following invoice.

Can I set this up for both my personal and business accounts?

Yes!  You can mark on the autopay form which accounts you want the autopay/discount to apply to.

Can I use different payment methods for my personal and business accounts?

Yes!   Simply fill out the autopay form twice — one for each account.

If I choose discount/autopay for my tax return preparation fee, when will that be debited?

The payment will be debited no less than 10 days after your invoice has been sent to you.

Can I use either a bank account or credit card for my autopayment?


What if I want to stop the Direct-Debit payment?

Email us at invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com to request cancellation at any time.

How do I sign up?

Email  invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com to request an auto pay enrollment agreement, or just fill out this secure online form

What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

Call us at 360-746-8738 or email invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com