Job Posting: Experienced Tax Accountant – Quality of Work, Quality of Life

Thrive Business Group is a rapidly growing small CPA firm dedicated to helping small business owners and self-employed individuals Thrive. We believe in providing a truly excellent experience for our clients – from technical proficiency, to genuine caring. We take care of their accounting & tax service needs with quality work, and sprinkle the process with encouragement, mentoring, and humor.

We believe a thriving team helps develop thriving clients. We provide a quality workplace for our team – from true life-work balance (even during tax season), to internal mentoring and comradery. We have a rock-solid team who works beautifully together and enjoys the satisfaction of being highly productive and collaborating for a job well done.

We are seeking an experienced Tax Accountant:

  • CPA or EA preferred, but not required (technical experience is more important than your designation)
  • Income Tax Preparation experience required (minimum 3 years, 5+ is better – 1040, 1120S, 1065 required; 1041, 990 preferred; Tax return review experience preferred
  • Small Business Accounting required, including flexibility in tailoring services to unique small business needs
  • QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online proficiency
  • WA state payroll proficiency
  • Detail oriented, organized, highly productive
  • Works well independently and with a team
  • Cares about making a difference with our clients, cares about our team

To apply, submit cover letter, including compensation requirements, and resume by email to thrivehiring@gmail.com

5% Discount on Services when you sign up for Direct-Debit Payment

Thrive Business Group now offers a 5% discount on all services paid through our Direct-Debit Payment program. Here’s how it works.

You complete & sign a Direct-Debit agreement that gives us permission to charge your payment method of choice automatically for our service fees.  You choose whether you want your automatic payment to come out of your checking account or charge to a credit card or debit card.

Starting the month following receipt of your completed agreement, you will see a 5% discount applied to each invoice under the Direct-Debit Payment agreement.

At the beginning of each month, we will still email you an invoice for services with a note that you are set up for Direct-Debit Payment. After the 15th of the month, we will automatically charge your account on file.

It’s easy to sign up, just fill out this secure online form.  (Or, email invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com to request an autopay form.)



What if I have a question about my invoice?

You will still receive your invoice by email at the beginning of each month. If you have a question, reply to the email with your questions. We have plenty of time to make sure you have all of your questions answered before the Direct-Debit Payment is processed after the 15th of the month.

What services do I get a discount on?

The 5% discount applies to all services included under your Direct-Debit Payment agreement, beginning the month after signing up.

Can I set this up for both my personal and business accounts?

Yes!  You can mark on the autodebit form which accounts you want the autopay/discount to apply to.

Can I use different payment methods for my personal and business accounts?

Yes!   Simply fill out the autodebit form twice — one for each account.

If I choose discount/autopay for my tax return preparation fee, when will that be debited?

The payment will be debited no less than 10 days after your invoice has been sent to you.

Can I use either a bank account or credit card for my autopayment?


What if I want to stop the Direct-Debit payment?

Email us at invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com to request cancellation at any time.

How do I sign up?

Email  invoicing@thrivebusinessgroup.com to request an enrollment agreement, or just fill out this secure online form

Info Sessions for Transitioning from Powell Business Solutions


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Siobhan Murphy. I am the CPA and founder of Thrive Business Group.

Cami recently contacted me about her decision to focus her business into CFO services exclusively. She asked if we could handle the additional clients if she referred her non-CFO clients to us. I was honored that she shared her confidence in us and appreciated her desire to make sure you continue getting the services you need.

I founded Thrive Business Group nine years ago and have been a practicing accountant for 18 years (13 of those as a CPA). I was raised by two entrepreneurial parents, which infused me with a passion for small business. I founded our organization on the belief that small business owners and self-employed individuals deserve excellent service at a fair price.

We have a team of six: me, two accountants, one bookkeeper, and two administrative team members (plus a few more seasonal additions during tax season). We provide a full range of bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and tax strategy consulting services for individuals, small businesses, and the self-employed.

I love to make tax time easy for our clients and to help you pay the minimum legal and ethical amount in tax. Our team provides bookkeeping and accounting support tailored to your needs – a little or a lot – we can help.

I have great respect for Cami’s skills as an accountant and appreciate the care with which she serves her clients. I look forward to continuing this level of excellence in working with you.

I would like to extend two invitations to you:

An educational meet & greet: hosted by me and Cami for clients transitioning out of her services.

Friday, December 7th 1:00 – 2:30pm [Presentation 1:15-2:00]
Location: The Big Love Boardroom
1140 10th Street, Suite 102, Bellingham (in Fairhaven)

We’ll provide a variety of munchies, give a brief presentation regarding 2018 tax law changes, and introduce you to our firm. I will be available for general Q&A and I’ll bring some of our team for you to meet too.

Please RSVP by emailing Admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com or calling 360-746-8738 so we make sure we have food and a seat for you.

One-on-One Meetings: If you would like to meet with me one-on-one to talk about your needs in more detail, I have added priority scheduling appointments in December and January for clients coming from Cami’s practice. This will provide you with a 30-minute free consultation with me (without having to wait our normal 4-6 weeks during the busy season).

Please call our office at 360-746-8738 to reach our front desk to schedule an appointment. Be sure to tell us that you were referred by Cami.

If you would like to make this transition as quick and easy as possible, you can help us expedite your setup as a new client. Please call 360-746-8738 or email Admin@thrivebusinessgoup.com and let us know you would like to consider transitioning to our firm.  We will send you a secure link with a new client intake form to fill out and a request for your 2017 tax return(s) (both personal and business, if applicable). This will help us prepare a tax packet to send you in the first week of January and avoid any potential tax season delays.

I am honored by the trust Cami shows by referring you to us and I will be delighted to be of service. I look forward to meeting you.

All my best,

B. Siobhan Q. Murphy, CPA

How to Contact Us Regarding Your Tax Return

We are working to streamline our communication systems to provide the best possible service for you.

With double the number of team members working at Thrive this year, it can sometimes be hard to know who to send your email to.

When in doubt, it’s best to email our administration address at admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com  or call our office at 360-746-8738. Our admin team will forward your communication to the right team member.

To help make your tax preparation process as smooth & timely as possible, please note the following additional communication strategies with our team:

  • Who to email if you have a question (or for that one surprise tax document that just came in the mail):
    • If you receive a question about your tax return from one of our accountants, please email them back directly.
    • If you are not responding directly to one of our accountants, and it’s a tax processing question, please direct it to tami@thrivebusinessgroup.com
    • For non tax processing questions, or if you are unsure, please email admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com

Thrive Portal FAQ



Where is Thrive’s secure portal located?


I don’t have a password.  How do I get one?

Click the Remind Password link on the left of the portal screen.  Then enter your email address (the one we have on file for you) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number in the screen that comes up to have it emailed to you.

Do my spouse and I have the same password?

Yes.   The password is for the account, not the person.  If you have both a personal account and a business account with us, your password will be different for each account.

Should I used my SSN or my EIN?

For your personal account use your SSN.  If you have a business account use the business’s EIN.

For my personal account should I use the last 4 digits of my SSN or my spouse’s?

Either should work.  If it doesn’t it means we have incomplete information for you in our database — such as not having an email address for each spouse.   Please contact us so we can update our database.

I am using my correct email address, SSN / EIN, and the password the system sent me, but still cannot log in.

It could be that we do not have your correct email address attached to your SSN in our system.  Please call or email our office for help.  (360) 746-8738 or admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com

Can I change my password?

Yes!  Our system now allows users to change their password.   To do so, log in, then click “Change Password” on the left hand side.

I see documents.  How do I download them?

Double click on the file name to download them to your computer.

I am having trouble accessing my account

Call us at  (360) 746-8738.    We’re happy to help.




Thrive is Expanding! Hiring a Top Notch Bookkeeper

Thrive Business Group is Expanding!

We are a small (but mighty) accounting office serving self-employed individuals and small business clients in a full range of bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and consulting services.  We are growing rapidly and need a Top Notch Bookkeeper to add to our team.

Our Ideal candidate:Bookkeeping

  • Loves working hard and enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done
  • Is energetic, cheerful, professional, and works well with a wide range of people
  • Is highly organized, detail-oriented, efficient, goal oriented, able to meet a variety of deadlines
  • Can thrive working independently and enjoy a team-oriented environment

Job duties include: A/P, A/R, Payroll and related tax returns, state & city B&O tax returns, bank recs, and related admin duties.  Software familiarity preferred: QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Online, MS Word, MS Excel, gmail, wave accounting

This position ranges 20-40 hours/week (depending on accounting cycle timing through the month) with an average of 30 hours/week.  (Full time potential in the next 9-18 months.)  Compensation is hourly, depending on experience and productivity.

To apply, submit cover letter explaining why you want this job, resume, and pay rate history by email to cpa @ thrivebusinessgroup . com — please include your text in the body of your email or in pdf attachment (word docs or other attachments will not be opened).

Interviews are starting immediately.  This position will remain open until filled.

About Us

Thrive Business Group is an elite team of financial support professionals committed to helping our clients’ thrive – in business and in life. Our team members truly understand the challenges and rewards of living an entrepreneurial lifestyle – we have personal experience running businesses in the accounting, financial services, online marketing, real estate, home-based direct sales, and retail industries.

A savvy business owner knows the different between activities that generate revenue and those that don’t. Our team handles the bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, and financial reporting functions so our clients can focus on the highest and best use of their time leading their ventures.

We are honored by the trust our clients place in us to help them create accurate financial reports, pay the minimum legal and ethical amount in tax, oversee their financial business operations, and let go of the accounting details in their lives to focus on what matters most.

Thrive Business Group is led by B. Siobhan Q. Murphy. Siobhan brings 12 years of accounting experience and entrepreneurship to her role as Consulting Director. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Western Washington University; is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and a Certified Financial Manager (CFM). She has taught college-level accounting courses at Charter College, and served as the Finance Director, Treasurer, President, and Director at a variety of local non-profit organizations.

She has applied her accounting and business experience to a wide range of industries including not-for-profit, public accounting, privately held small business, home-based business, and individuals. She has served businesses from start-up to millions of dollars in annual sales with specialization in businesses from $0 – $500,000 in annual profit.

Siobhan loves to serve her clients with a cheerful smile and an infusion of fun. She’s been known to say, “If we’re not having fun, then we need to do something different!” She is passionate about education so that self-employed individuals and small business owners are empowered with a deeper understanding of the financial workings of their businesses, which results in more effectively leadership of their businesses to support their lives.

At Thrive Business Group, we believe it’s about Your Life. Your Business. In That Order.