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[Last updated 7/6/2020]

Individual (1040) Tax Return Preparation

To file by July 15th, 2020 we need your completed tax packet and relevant tax data by Thursday May 28, 2020

To file by October 15th, 2020 we need your completed tax packet and relevant tax data by Thursday September 3, 2020

If you would like us to file an extension on your behalf, please send us a request in writing, or send us your signed engagement letter.

Business (1120s, 1120, 1065) Tax Return Preparation

We need your completed tax packet and 2019 financial books by  Wednesday August 5, 2020

Guidance on preparing your business books can be found here:  Preparing Your Business Books for Tax Preparation

If you need a copy of the Home Office Worksheet you can download it here:  Home Office Worksheet

You will find a copy of your tax packet in your portal.

Information on getting your documents to us here.




E-signing OfficeTools Documents FAQ


Instructions:  E-signing Documents

#1) You will get an email from no-reply@officetools.com with a link to create a pin

OT 1



#2) When you click on that link you will see this screen. (Your PIN can only be digits not letters.)

OT 2



#3) If it worked, you will see this screen:

OT 3



#4) Now you will get an email that you have a document to sign. You have to set up your pin BEFORE you are notified that there is something to sign.

OT 4



#5) When you click on the link to sign the document you will see this screen and will need to enter the pin you set up:

OT 5




#6) If it is an IRS compliant signature document (such as an Efile) then you will see this screen asking a few questions to confirm your identity for IRS compliance. The 3rd question can vary but will have to do with your address in some way.

OT 6




#7) Then you will need to accept the e-signature agreement

OT 7



#8) Then the document will open and there will be a yellow arrow showing you where you need to sign.

OT 8



#9) Then you will need to click the green button to finish signing the document

OT 9




#10) You will get this notice that you have successfully signed the document

OT 10



If you are the only one signing the document, then the Thrive staff member that initiated the e-sign will get an email that it was successful and will be able to access the signed document.

If someone else also needs to sign the same document, then this process starts over with the second signer. NOTE: The second person does not get notified in their email until the first person has successfully signed. The Thrive staff member does not get notified until both signers have successfully signed.




I was told I have something to sign but I don’t see anything in my email?

The first step is to create a PIN. Look for an email from no-reply@officetools.com with a link to create a PIN. This may have gone to your junk/spam folder so check there if you don’t see it in your inbox.

Another possibility, is that if two people need to sign the document, the first person needs to sign before the second person is notified. The first person may not have signed yet.


I see the signature document in my portal but I can’t sign it?

The e-sign process does not happen in the portal. It will be through your e-mail and does not require you to sign in to your portal account. We have uploaded a pdf of the signature page to your portal if you would like to print it out and sign a paper version instead of e-signing.


I am trying to create a PIN but it is giving me an error message that my name doesn’t match?

It must match what is in our database. You can contact us if there is any confusion on what first and last name we may have entered for you.  If you have an apostrophe in your name, it can cause an issue. Try without the apostrophe.


I forgot my PIN. How do I access the document?

Click on the “Forgot your pin?” link underneath where it asks you to enter your PIN. This will let you reset your PIN.


I have answered all of the identity questions correctly but it is giving me an error message?

It must match what is in our database to be successful. We may have something entered incorrectly. You can contact us and we will confirm that your answers match what is in our database.

Physical file drop off / pick up – By Appointment Only

Our physical office remains closed during this pandemic and we are continuing to do as much of our business electronically as possible. Please continue to use the secure client portal on our website for document transfers.  (For portal help see our portal FAQ.)

If you would like to snail mail us your documents, our address is Thrive Business Group, 1128 Finnegan Way STE 100, Bellingham, WA, 98225

Occasionally electronic files or USPS mail will not work, so we are now scheduling occasional time in the office for physical file transfers. We will accept physical files dropped off at our office and return physical documents to you at our office, by appointment only.

Please note the following:

  • This is by appointment only (our office is still physically closed) with very limited availability.
  • You will find our front door locked – please knock at your appointment time.
  • Please wear a mask. Our team member assisting you will wear a mask too.
  • Please stay outside the office – we will hand documents in/out at the door.

Thank you for continuing to use electronic solutions as much as possible and for following the instructions above to allow us to provide this physical document service and help keep us all safe in doing so.

Thrive Portal FAQs

How can I access the portal?

The portal can be found by going to the Thrive Business Group website and selecting the “Portal” tab. The website link is: https://www.thrivebusinessgroup.com/portal-login.htm

Portal tab pic3

How do I use the portal?

This short video explains how to use the portal.

Portal video


I forgot my password or never received the temporary password by email.

Go to the portal login page and click the “Forgot Password?” option to have a reset password link sent to you. If you are set up in our portal you will get the message: “Instructions have been sent to the email address provided.” If you get the message: “A user with that email address does not exist” then contact us for assistance.  admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com or 360-746-8738

What email address is associated with my  personal account?

Our new portal only allows one email address per account. If you are a married couple, you will both need to sign in with the same email address and password. Please contact us to find out whose email address we have as the main contact.

Will my personal and business documents be in the same portal account?

For business owners, if we only have one email address on file for both your personal and business accounts, then your personal and business documents will be in one portal account. If we have separate email addresses for your personal and business accounts, then you will have two portal accounts. Let us know if you would like to change how your personal and business accounts are setup on the portal.

Who do I contact if I want to change the email address associated with my portal account?

Call us at 360-746-8738 or email admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com

I can login to my account but I would like to change my password?

Once you are logged in to the portal – go to your name in the bar at the top. There will be a drop down menu – Select “Change Password” and it will take you through the process of changing your password

Change password pic2


How do I download a document?

Once in the system, hover over the file name and then click the download button to the right of the “Uploaded” column to retrieve your documents and download for your records.

Download pic 2

How do I upload a document?

Use the “Upload File” button and then you will be prompted to choose a file or multiple files to upload.


Upload pic2


What folder should I choose when uploading?

You don’t need to choose a folder. If you have a personal and business account, choosing the appropriate folder with your personal name or business name could be helpful.

Do I need to let you know that I uploaded something?

We will automatically get notified whenever you upload a document to your portal account. You do not need to contact us.

How long will I be able to access the documents that are uploaded?

Files will be available in your portal for one year. Please download documents for your records. If you need something that is not in your portal, please contact us.

I received an e-mail for Office Tools E-signing. What do I need to do?

The first time you use the Office Tools e-sign, you will be prompted to select a PIN. Please note this PIN for future use. You will then be asked a few security questions for IRS Compliance.

I am not able to answer the security questions. What should I do?

Please contact us so that we can verify that the information in our database is correct. You can also print, sign, and return the signature form in your portal (a scan or photo is fine).  You can also stop by our office to sign.

I did not receive an email with the e-signature link.

When more than one person is signing a document, the email goes to the first person listed.  They have to sign and then the second person will receive an email. Most likely, the first signer has not signed the document yet but please contact us if you are expecting a document to sign and don’t receive it.

I need additional assistance

Call us at 360-746-8738 or email admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com


Do you need a worksheet to turn in with your tax info?

You are always welcome to contact our office and request that we email you a worksheet.   admin@thrivebusinessgroup.com  or (360) 746-8738.

Or, you can download the needed worksheet below:

Home Office Worksheet 2019

Rental Property Worksheet 2019

Schedule C Worksheet 2019


Do you do your business books in QuickBooks?

This checklist will help you complete your books for year end.

Business Bookkeeping Year End Checklist